Fashion Viral - Behind The Scenes.

Here are a few behind the scene shots I took of a fashion viral directed by my sister Charlotte Hadden and filmed by Justin Brown with model Luke Worrall.

The piece is loosely based around the story of a young man going through the struggles of his lost love. Trapped inside his own prison he battles with his emotions visually represented by the elements- lingering smoke, ash falling, water, turbulent winds, flashing lights. Moments of calm thoughts turn into frustration and flashbacks of his lost love.
A second shoot of a girl will also be incorporated.

I helped out with some of the set design and gained general experience of the shoot.
More coming soon...

Charlotte Hadden - Director
Justin Brown - Director Of Photography
Natasha Piper - Art Department Assistant
Charlene Xia - Stylist
Sarah Thorne - Hair & Makeup
Luke Worrall - Model

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